Well I guess this is our blog!!!!


What on earth can we talk about here?

Sssh! was created by 2 old, but extremely handsome and experienced chefs. To say we have been around a bit is a slight understatement. If we were ships we would be The Black Pearl and possibly the Titanic respectively. We have our own views and opinions which are repetitively strong but informed through our many years stromping around this magic land. No one should be offended, harmed or cooked reading this here blog but if  you are then please understand that we meant no harm, offence or general poaching when discussing the topics that  we hope will be stimulating and informative for both us and you the visitor.

We aim to write and share recipes, reviews and hopefully help the odd layperson cook that elusive dinner that will allow them to shine in the eyes of their family members, friends and potential baby's mama or poppa.