What's Rump

Beef rump needs no introduction. From stir-fries to steak, it is widely available and features in many favourite dishes. Rump steak is taken from the rump section of the hindquarter.  The rump can produce traditional rump steaks or when seam cut it can also produce prime rump steak and bistro steak. 

Prime rump steak consists of a single muscle, unlike a traditional rump steak which is usually made up of three individual muscles all held together with connective tissue, hence why prime rump steak is considered a premium steak.

Bistro rump is taken from the most tender part of the rump and is trimmed down to produce a tender, flavoursome steak. It is slightly smaller than the prime rump steaks and looks very much like fillet steak, but more economical.





What's Sirloin steak

Comes from the sirloin section, which is on the back of a beef animal between the fore-rib and the rump.



How Can I Cook It?

The sirloin steak has great flavour and is suitable for grilling, pan-frying, griddling or cooking on a BBQ.

To cook a 2cm/3-4 in thich steak:

Rare: 2½ minutes each side

Medium Rare: 3-3½ minutes each side

Medium: 4 minutes each side

Well done: 6 minutes each side

Leave to rest for a couple of minutes before serving.

What Else Could I Use?

If you're looking for something similar to a sirloin, try a rump steak which is taken from the rump muscle which is situated next to the sirloin.

Did You Know?

Legend has it that sirloin is so called because it was knighted 'Sir Loin' by Henry VIII.




What's Club steak

The club steak is prepared from the fore rib.  Each steak contains half a rib bone. They are marbled with fat which keeps them succulent and tender whilst cooking and the bone give this steak great flavour.



How Can I Cook It?

These steaks are suitable for grilling or pan-frying. Because they are very lean they will be dry and tough if cooked more than medium. Leave to rest for a couple of minutes before serving.

What Else Could I Use?

For another flavourful steak try a rib eye or for a leaner and just as tender  steak, try a centre cut steak or flat iron.

Did You Know?

The club steak is basically a rib eye steak on the bone and looks great on the plate.



The ace of steaks; the fillet is the most premium and tender of all cuts and a properly prepared and cooked fillet steak will melt in your mouth.  Fillets steak will usually be more expensive and smaller than other cuts and what they gain in tenderness over cuts like Sirloin, they lose in taste.



In this worldview, the chateaubriand is a thick steak taken from the beef short loin, either a porterhouse or a T-bone.


This version of chateaubriand is generally grilled while basting it generously in butter (classical sources show that it was sometimes sautéed in butter). Traditionally served with something known as château sauce (essentially a variant on the Bercy sauce, but with the addition of lemon juice, tarragon and possibly mushrooms), the modern chateaubriand is usually served with bernaise sauce